Komik Market / Artist Alley Discounts & Other News

Komik Market / Artist Alley Discounts
Just like last year, we are offering those of you in the Komik Market / Artist Alley discounts for showing in the Art Show. If you have already been approved for space in the Komik Market / Artist Alley please let us know this in the comments section of the registration form and provide us with any additional information that will make it easier to cross reference you with their list. You must be on their list to receive the discount. Also, if you do not mention you are in KM/AA in your Art Show registration, we cannot grant the discount.

Other News
We will be doing 3 bids to auction this year as well as moving the auction back to 9pm on Saturday night.

If you need to hang early, you need to let us know in the comments box when you register. We will happily open the doors as early as 8am on Friday morning for artists to bring their work. Additionally, we provide hanging services if all of your paperwork is filled out prior to coming to the show. This means if you are in KM/AA and Art Show and you need to be setting up your table as well as hanging your art – just bring your work up to us with your paperwork (bidder sheets and control sheet) already filled out and we will do the rest. This only applies to pre-registered KM/AA listed artists!

Lastly, we are offering an artist bounty. If you recommend a new artist to the show (or bring one back who has not shown in the last 3 years), and they submit pieces, we will provide you and your bounty artist a discount on art show space. In order to get this the new/returning artist must mention your name plus the fact they are a bounty artist in the comments section of their registration. We will not pay out on bounties after the fact! So make sure you submit that information with your registration.

3 thoughts on “Komik Market / Artist Alley Discounts & Other News”

  1. Are there going to be the same categories as last year? (fantasy, sci-fi, and anime.) If so does a carousel horse count as fantasy or does it have to be a unicorn?

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